Thursday, May 14, 2009

Olga Maliouk- Ghost of Girlfriends Future

So tonight Erich and i went to see "Ghosts of girlfriends past" in the theatre, and when i saw this young lady i literally said "wow. shes gorgeous" so of course i had to look her up when i got home. Olga Maliouk is a Ukranian beauty! if anyone gets the chance, look her up. her photos will wow you! "Ghosts" was her first movie, and she doesnt have any lines- but she definetly added to the film!

Unfortunetly i couldnt find any very good photos of her in character, but here are a few photos of the beautiful Olga that i came across.

Oh, by the way- the movie was pretty good! im more into comedy movies, and although it was a romantic comedy, it was more romantic then comedic. I cant say it was bad though, i enjoyed it =]

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