Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Hump Day.

So i was [sort of] tagged by Ashley and im bored, so i thought i would do it up!

Eight Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1) Is it bad that i cant think of one thing?
2) Getting my license (hopefully this summer)
8) That was insanely pathetic

Eight Things I Did Yesterday
1) Woke Up
2) Got My MRI
3) Got and injection that made my mouth taste like i was sucking on a nickel
4) Got blood work done, and didnt pass out of throw up
5) Watched 4 out of 6 episodes of Blush
6) Talked to some friends online
7) Ate Salt Potatoes for Dinner
8) Took a Shower

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do
1) Make my own clothes! <- Ditto, Ashley!
2) Make Decent Money
3) Get Healthy
4) Loose Weight
5) Choose a Career Path
6) Meet some new people
7) Draw
8) Be more crafty

Eight Shows I Watch
1) So you think you can dance
2) American Idol [when its one]
3) Americas Next Top Model [When its on]
4) Make Me a Supermodel
5)Daisy of Love
6)Charm School
7)The office (a few episodes here and there)
8)NCIS (a few episodes here and there)
9)Toddlers in Tiaras
10)What not to wear

.. i could go on. i watch too much tv.

So yesterday i got the MRI and bloodwork done, i should find out the results on friday.. Now i have a very bad cold and possibly strep throat. My health is rediculous right now.

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