Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ah, pain and hangovers.

So this weekend has been full of fun and discomfort.

Saturday we had a party at erichs, good times good times. Got to meet the girl that is going to be moving in to the guys house, she seemed like pretty cool stuff. Anyway, being a party, i drank. a lot. 3 alabama slammers, and about ten shots of UV blue.

not to mention, when i was taking tylonel for my headache I asked joe if i could drink some of his water. (it was in a water bottle.) yeah. it wasnt water. joe is an asshole.


but anyways, around 1:30 am i ended up downstairs on the bathroom floor. you know the story. The next morning i woke up with major hang-overage. i slept most of the day untill everyone decided to go to red robin. yay! lets go to red robin while sierra is hung over. UGH!

i ate half a burger and some friday. Great B.R.A.T food right? haha. I was able to keep it down, although i did burn my tounge on a french fry and it STILL hurts.

The next morning i woke up with major upper back/shoulder pain. now, for a few years now i have had a hump on my back that is very sensitive to the touch, i cannot be touched on my upper back at all. I've been to the doctors for it before, but she blamed it purely on my weight. I went back to the doctors today becuase the pain is close to unbearable, and luckily i was able to get in to see another doctor. I had some x-rays done and we'll find out in 24 to 48 hours whats up with my back.

Tonight is the american idol finale, we all know Adam is going to win..

I work tommorrow, Ten 'till Two and hopefully she'll give me some more days to work this week.

In a couple weeks i'll be going back to DC with erich.

How was everyone elses weekend?

PS. i want a custom layout made for my blog, but i am too lazy to do it myself, how much would somethign like that cost?

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