Monday, May 11, 2009

Lilac Fesival 2009

Was beautiful. It was a rather cold day, too cold for a festival and when i got out there i was wishing i had dressed warmer. The art there was amazing, i wish i had the money to buy a piece from every vendor! all i bought was a hand-painted bookmark for my niece, it was her name spelled out with things such as dolphins, butterflys, flowers and palm trees. It was very cute, I also was able to pick up a slightly imperfect hematite necklace for a dollar, although i cant figure out where the imperfection is!

After the vendors, we went over to look at the hill of lilacs [see photos] where i then proceeded to slip and fall in the mud. That was exciting.

Anyway, despite a few things my weekend went well and the yard sale was a success. Made about $100 dollars and got rid of a lot of stuff! The rest then went to goodwill. Which is also nice, knowing that by donating to goodwill i may have made a small difference. =]

'till next time.


ashleyrwatts said...

Aw...I really love these pics - it looks so gorgeous there. :)

We're supposed to be having a yard sale [sometime] - I really need the money! haha

Sierra said...

yeah the yard sale was great, just make sure you do lots of advertising!!

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