Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independance Day Fun

Happy Belated Independance Day!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day/night yesterday.

We woke up super early to get everything together and head down to the beach for our 4th of July picnic/party. We got there around 10 am and set up the tent, There were already SO many people there, we were unable to get a picnic table or a grill, but luckily we brought our own!
Our attempt at a fruit flag didnt quite turn out as planned..
and the fruit went bad by the end of the day anyway :(

We were the only tent with decorations, so everyone coming to our party could easily pick us out!

We're not Jets fans.. but the canopy was clearanced down to $50!

After we set everything up a few of our friends showed up so we decided to venture over to the old-style Sylvan beach amusement park. Allyse, Kayla and i went on the wooden rollercoaster while cyn took photos, then we all decided we wanted to get on the bumper boats. it was fun, but we were all so hot at this point that we just wanted to jump in the water!

Later more people started showing up and we ended up having a really great night. Once fireworks start, cyn goes into photographer mode. Business wise we are a team, but when it comes to firework photos i let her take over. she captures gorgeous shots of them!

I took this one.. how beautiful is this sunset?

We ended our night with a late night (midnight) in the lake. The water was still warm so it was very romantic, relaxing and peaceful.

We had a wonderful night but let me tell you.. after 14 hours at the beach yesterday, i did NOT want to wake up this morning! i've been exhausted all day.

Thanks for your tips and comments on my last post, looks like this blog may be a little mish-mash of everything!

Everyone have a wonderful night and a Happy Friday tommorrow!


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