Saturday, June 20, 2009

photobooth.. saturday?

oops! i forgot about photobooth friday! oh well, heres my photobooth saturday picture.

Ran the floral department by myself today. wasn't too bad. My fingers hurt from blowing up and tying a shitton of balloons though. Apparently today is the day for babyshowers, and lord knows babyshowers need balloons!!

Yves Klein: L√Ęcher de 1001 Ballons Bleus / 100...Image by vincent.m via Flickr

Julie said i should be getting more hours now though, since i can run the place by myself. Which is awesome, because i need them desperately.

Speaking of spending money, haha- i'm off to the mall right now, have to buy some hair dye to get rid of these horrid highlights. haha, the other day isabelle came up to me and said "She-She, i see your hair is yellow." brat. haha, i love her so much <3

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!! i'll do and update tommorrow or monday. =]

edit: woah. how many times can i say "haha" in one paragraph? >.<

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