Saturday, June 6, 2009

June trip to MD

We had a really good time. =] On the way down we stopped in hershey, pennsylvania and went through the chocolate tour. The smell was so delicious, we craved chocolate. Luckily, we had a coupon for a buy one get one free cookie! i got reeses, erich got a double chocolate one. =]

We then proceeded home to erichs house. The next day we headed down to DC to check out the hishorn sculpture museum and garden. I decided I dont like art museums, at all. I like to touch stuff. you cant touch stuff at art museums. I accidently stepped over the tape on the floor.. the alarm went off becuase i got too close to the exhibit.. embarassing!!

The day after that was a rather relaxing day. Went with erich to his eye doctor appointment and then checked out a mall where i was able to get Christophers graduation present. I dont want to say what it is on here by the slight chance that he might run across my blog, but i love it and cant wait to give it to him =D

That night we headed to ocean city. We got caught in quite the thunder storm on the way down. But, to our advantage, just after we ordered food at sonic the electric went out and we were able to get our meals for free!

We stayed at a pretty crappy hotel, because we both payed half, and it was still pretty expensive. Ocean city is certainly NOT cheap!! So we stayed the night in the hotel, woke up early the next day to very crappy weather. Went to the Ripleys Believe it or not museum (which is just like the one in niagara falls.) We then went to some shops and arcades, until we decided to venture down to the ocean. It was 55 degrees out, but i somehow managed to get in the water! i loved it. I had never been to the ocean before and it was just so beautiful!! After we got out of the water we hit up a few more shops, then headed back to erichs house.

Friday, i slept while erich went to his dentist appointment and the DMV. Afterwards we went to visit his grandma, brought her some salt water taffy that we bought in Ocean city, and went to a cuban resturant- i wasnt digging the cuban food much.

We left his house this morning around nine and got back to my house at 4:30. It is so good to be home. Its rediculous how much i missed my mom and my dogs. I could never move too far away from my home!!

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