Monday, July 13, 2009

Contest Entries

So over on youtube, S2pandapple is doing a contest for some awesome prizes. The theme is "your favorite look" so obviously its very broad. you can do as many looks as you want, so im planning on doing a few! here are my first two entries, let me know what you think =]

This one was SO frustrating to make!!! My camera died 15 times (litterally. i had to piece together 15 clips.) then it was too long so i had to cut out a bunch.. so so so frustrating, and it turned out pretty crappy.. lots of rambling haha

Also, today i recieved my prize from Jaris giveaway over at The Spark blog party. It was a car air freshner (called a "car candle") it smells sooooooo good!!!! So thank you a ton, jari!!

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